The Special Fund for Financial Assistance to Political Parties, called the Party Fund, is made up by Union budget appropriations, fines, penalties, donations and other financial resources assigned to them by law.

The amounts passed to political parties, referring to “twelfths” and fines (broken down by party and relative to the month of distribution), are published monthly in the Eletronic Diary of Justice. The query can be done through the TSE's website.


Applicable law:

  • Law number 9.096 of September 19, 1995, amended by Law  11.459/2009

It deals with political parties, regulates articles 17 and 14, paragraph 3, subsection V of the Federal Constitution – Chapter II.

  • Law number  9.504, of September 30, 1997

It sets elections standards.

  • TSE Resolution number 21.975, of December 16, 2004

It disciplines the comtemplation and collection of penalties expected  in the Electoral Code and related laws, and the distribution of the Party Fund - in the process of change.

  • TSE Resolution 23.464 / 2015

Regulates the provisions of Title III of Law 9.096, of September 19, 1995 – About finance and accounting of the Parties.

  • Portaria-TSE number 288, of June 9, 2005

Regulates TSE Resolution No. 21.975 / 2004 - in the process of amending.

The purpose of party propaganda is to disseminate, through radio and television, matters of interest to party associations - in accordance with the provisions of articles 45 to 49 of Law 9.096/95.


Hence, it aims exclusively to:

I-           Spread party programs;

II-          Transmit messages to the affiliates about the party program execution, the events related to it and the congressional party activities;

III-         Disclose the party position regarding political-communitarian themes;

IV-        Promote and spread the feminine political participation, dedicating to women the time to fixed by the national body of party direction, observing the 10% (ten percent) minimum participation.


According to the second paragraph of the 36th article of Law nº 9.504/97, at the second semester of the year in which elections are held, free political party propaganda will not be aired.


On the terms of the first paragraph of the 45th article of Law nº 9.096/95, were banned from the political party propaganda:

I-           The participation of party affiliate who is not responsible for the program

II-       The disclosure of propaganda of candidates to elective charges and the defense of personal interests or of other political parties;

III-         The usage of incomplete or incorrect scenes of images, effects or any other resources that distort or misrepresent the facts or its communication.


It is important to emphasize that the political party propaganda will be restricted to the free time schedule, being expressively forbidden the dissemination of any paid propaganda on radio or television.


Applicable Law:

  • TSE Resolution nº 20.034/1997 (and alterations)
  • Law nº 9.096/95
  • Law nº 9.504/97