Get to know the services provided by the Electoral Justice to the citizens

2019. E-titulo

The Electoral Justice offers a series of services entirely free for Brazilian citizens. The emission of the Electoral Identity Card or the Certificate of Electoral Discharge, the register of biometrics and the procedure for changing the voting section are on that list. For some of them, it is not even necessary to leave the house.

The “Portal do TSE” has all the necessary information. On the section “Serviços ao Eleitor”, the person can easily issue the Certificates of Electoral Discharge, Electoral Crimes, Negative Enlistment, Party Composition and Party Affiliation. To do this, simply enter the requested data on the webpage. It is also possible to require the justification for not attending to the elections by the system “Justifica”.

The website also allows consults to the voting place and electoral status, besides the validation of documents virtually issued, like the “e-Título”. On the option “Todos os serviços” are available the addresses of the notaries and electoral zones, for the cases in which the attendance to the Electoral Justice is required, like, for example, the register of biometry, electoral enlistment, issuance of the second copy of the voter’s title or for the regularization of the register situation.

All the services are free. Only in some cases of regularization of register, due to not-attendance on the voting day, the voter will have to pay a minimum amount of R$ 3,51.


Social Media Campaign

The Campaign and Social Media Core of the Communication Advisory from TSE started, on the Electoral Justice social media, a campaign for spreading to the public the information regarding the free services provided by the Electoral Justice.

Entitled “É Grátis”, the initiative can be followed on Twitter (@TSEjusbr) and on Facebook (@TSEJus). Check it  out!