23 days left: voting is mandatory for more than 129.4 million of voters

eleições 2018

The Federal Constitution (1st paragraph of article 14) states that the electoral enrollment and the voting of literate Brazilians between the ages of 18 and 70 is mandatory. The estimative is that this year’s election will count with 129.4 citizens in that category. All of them ought to attend the elections on October 7th to vote for the candidates running for the posts of President of the Republic, Governor, Senator, Federal Deputy and State/District Deputy.

The same constitutional article foresees voting as optional for illiterates, for people over 70, as well as for those between 16 and 18 years. This group represents 17.8 million citizens that can opt to vote in the General Election of 2018.

Altogether, more than 147 million voters distributed in 5,570 municipalities of the country are qualified to vote, besides 171 localities in 110 countries.

Brazilians between 45 and 59 years old correspond to the majority of the country voters, summing 35,742,439 people, what is equivalent to 24.26% of the entire voting population. This group also comprises most of the citizens obliged to vote whose total reaches 33,883,497 people. The 1,858,942 people left are illiterate.

Regarding the voters to whom the vote is optional, the youth represents 1,400,617 people, in which 403,683 are 16 years old and 996,934 are 17 years old. In its turn, voters who are 70 years old or more, to whom voting is also not compulsory, sums 12,028,495 people.

Electoral registration

9th May, 2018, was the deadline to voters who intended to vote on the 2018 General Elections to make their electoral registration, transfer or update the electoral title information. Those who couldn’t register themselves nor solve eventual pending issues with the Electoral Justice until that date now find themselves on an irregular situation and, as a result, won’t be able to vote in October this year.

New electoral registration updates can only be done from 5th November 2018.