International Advisory

Brazil has one of the most advanced voting systems in the world. Even before the computerization of the elections, our country already had a cutting-edge manual voting system. The Brazilian electoral experience, especially with the advent of electronic voting, became an international reference. In this context, the International Advisory of the Superior Electoral Court was created in June 2001, through Resolution TSE No. 20.825 / 2001, with the goal of strengthening relations between the Brazilian Superior Electoral Court and the various international electoral entities.


It is incumbent upon the International Advisory:

I - to plan, promote and execute policies to disseminate the Brazilian electoral process to international organizations;

II - to present studies and projects of international technical cooperation;

III - coordinate visits of foreign missions to the Superior Electoral Court and, when requested, to the regional electoral courts;

IV - advise magistrates and the Electoral Justice team when in missions to observe and to monitor elections in foreign countries;

V - to advise the Secretariat of the Tribunal and the regional electoral courts in the intermediation of international affairs;

VI - organize and monitor visits of foreign authorities;

VII - organize the agenda of international commitments of the President of TSE;

VIII - organize the historical documentation of its scope of action to integrate the Project for the Memorial of Electoral Justice.