In order to make the site accessible to all users, in accordance with Decree nº 5.296 of December 2nd, 2012, the Electoral Justice codified its websites according to the recommendations of the body that establishes international guidelines for web accessibility (WCAG).

Besides the accessibility tools available in the code of the pages, as alternative text for the images used, description of contents form, shortcut keys and jump keys of content, the user who has any difficulty accessing the content of the site may also use the browser's zoom tool.


For easier viewing, you can use the zoom browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.).

Check out the commands that set the zoom functions:

  • To increase the sharpness, just press the CTRL and + keys simultaneously.
  • To decrease, just press the CTRL and - keys at the same time.
  • To switch back to normal size, press the CTRL and 0 (zero) keys.