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Electoral justification abroad

A citizen who fails to vote on the day of one or both rounds of an election or to present a valid excuse on that day must submit an electoral justification up to sixty days after the elections.

For that, the citizen should fill out the "justification of absence from vote form" and attach documents that prove the fact that prevented the voter from going to the polling station.

This form can be obtained from Embassies and diplomatic representations, or from any electoral office in the Federal District.

Voters on travel abroad can justify themselves by presenting the following documents: copy of passport with entrance or exit stamp of the visited country; airline ticket with the date of return to the country where the voter is enrolled; certificate of enrollment in an educational establishment abroad; contract of work abroad or other documents proving that the voter was not in the country on the day of the election.

The electoral judge in charge of foreign countries decides on whether to accept the reasons presented by the voter.

The voter should go to the nearest Embassy or Consulate, or to the Foreign Electoral Office in Brasilia, with a Brazilian official identification document, either original or in certified copy, or mail the justification form, attaching a copy of a Brazilian official identification document.

Voters who fail to present the justification before the deadline should go to the Embassy or Consular representation, or to the Foreign Electoral Office, to regularize their situation.