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Electoral Enrollment Abroad

Brazilian citizens - by birth or naturalization - older than 18 years of age, who live in a country with a Brazilian diplomatic representation, can register as a voter at the Embassy or Consulate with jurisdiction in the place of their residence, or at the Foreign Electoral Office in Brasilia.

The electoral enrollment (which is optional for illiterates and Brazilians between 16 and 18 or above 70 years of age) can be carried out if the citizen: exercises their political rights; has completed the mandatory military service (for male Brazilians) and signs the application form for electoral enrollment in person.

In order to register, the Brazilian citizen should go, at any time, except on the 150 days preceding the election, to the Embassy or Consulate with jurisdiction in their place of residence, or to the Foreign Electoral Office, with the following documents: a Brazilian official identification document containing filiation, either original or in certified copy; a proof of residence; and, for male Brazilians, the certificate of completion of the mandatory military service.

The application form, duly signed, together with the required documentation, will be analyzed by the Foreign Electoral Office. Once approved, the voter's certificate is sent to the diplomatic board of the applicant's jurisdiction.