Conexão Eleitoral shows how TSE is acting on the issue of the Digital Identity card

2019.março. Conexão Eleitoral

This week’s “Conexão Eleitoral” (Electoral Connection in English) program shows the latest actions taken by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) in order to begin the issue of the Digital Identity Card across the country. The TSe is the responsible body for this project which seeks the creation of a single document for safely identifying the Brazilian population by means of biometric data. The voters’ register of the Electoral Justice will be one of the information basis for the issue of the so-called Documento Nacional de Identidade – DNI (National Document of Identity in English).

The program’s edition comprises yet the services that are available for citizens at the national electoral notary offices. Voters may require a duplicate of their voter title, an electoral registration, to transfer its electoral domicile and to review its data, among other services.

In addition, the Conexão screens the participation of TSE’s Justices in an event that took place in Paraíba. At the meeting, Justices addressed topics related to the 2018 Elections such as “Balanço Crítico” (Critical Balance in English) and “Fraude na cota de gênero) (Fraud in gender quotas in English).

Produced by the Center of TV of the Superior Electoral Court, Conexão Eleitoral is broadcasted on TV Justiça on Fridays at 9.00 PM. The replay takes place on Saturdays and Mondays, at 4.30 AM; on Sundays and Tuesdays at 11.30 AM; and Thursdays at 9.00 PM. You can also watch it on Electoral Justices YouTube webpage.