18 days left for the General Elections of 2018: TSE uses social media to communicate with voters and offer services

2018. serviços ao eleitor

The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) constantly uses social media to get closer to voters by creating alternative channels of communication with the public. With virtual assistants installed on Twitter’s micro blog (@TSEjusbr) and Facebook Messenger (@TSEJus), the social media users can obtain information regarding candidates to all offices, consult their electoral status, obtain a certificate of electoral discharge, verify the local of voting and the number of the voter’s registration card, contact the TSE and access a platform for frequently asked questions.

The only step necessary is to click on the message button. On Twitter, the options appear instantly when that button is selected. On Facebook Messenger, it is requested for the user to start any dialogue, as a simple “hello”, for the interaction to be initiated. The dialogue is developed with virtual assistants, known as “chatbots”, artificial intelligence mechanisms prepared for answering more than 50 different types of questions about the electoral process.

When consulting the electoral situation of a candidate, the user will have access to his or her number, plan of government and candidature situation. If the user desires more complete information, he or she will be directed to the “DivulgaCandContas” system, and can even consult the financial accountability of the candidate.

App for the poll workers

The technology is also used by TSE to communicate with nearly two million poll workers who volunteered to work in the October elections. Through the app “Mesáriopara as Eleições 2018”, the TSE offers a tool with instructions and guidelines to complement the training offered to them. The app has been available since the 2016 elections and gathers information for those who have been called or volunteered to work in the elections.


Doubts are easily clarified with the “What if it happens?” (“E se acontecer?” in portuguese) option that indicates the path to access the online and offline content, such as training manuals and videos. The app can be used in the sections that have or the ones who don’t have the biometric identification and, after the elections, the Electoral Justice will receive feedback from the poll workers through a form made available in the app itself. On the TSE website, there is also the “poll worker channel” (Canal do Mesário).


Urban publicity

A partnership between TSE, Twitter and the company Otima, of urban furniture, has been allowing since September 4 the reproduction of content posted by TSE's Twitter profile (@TSEjusbr) in totems located in 35 locations in cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The information prioritizes voter service content, historical election data and curiosities about the electoral process. The initiative through urban furniture will be maintained until the day of the election.