The Electoral Justice is reliable and committed to the elections fairness, said the TSE´s President

Elections fairness. 2018

Seven days until the 2nd round of the elections, this Sunday (21), the President of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Justice Rosa Weber, urged Brazilians to rely on the Electoral Justice. She said “It is an institution committed to its constitutional mission, a true heritage of the Brazilian people”.

In a statement given before the collective interview held with journalists of different communication means, Rosa Weber stressed that despite the troubled moment the country is experiencing the Electoral Justice keeps standing steady and serene. “One week until the elections, I summon the Brazilian people, all the voters apt to exert the right to vote, we are nearly 150 million, to peace, to balance, to tolerance and to dialogue, for the sake of Brazil. Brazil deserves it”.

In the TSE´s President evaluation, the creative theses which try to attack the fairness of the electoral procedures aren´t empirically grounded and are focused on quick spreading of shocking content without any commitment to the truth. She stated that, in the other hand, the institution’s answer to that should be serene and presented after the examination of the challenges (judicial requests). According to Rosa Weber, the Electoral Justice isn’t a viewer of the events related to the elections nor a party interested in the merit outcome. She emphasized: the Electoral Justice holds an institutional position, with all the responsibilities inherent to it.

In keeping with the Justice, the citizen mission assigned to the Electoral Justice requires it to conduct impartially the electoral process and to comply with the constitutional provisions. She highlighted: “the Electoral Justice doesn’t fight rumors with more rumors. There is a time for responsible answers. The Electoral Justice fights rumors with grounded responses to the judicial actions presented to it, as the judicial actions require the compliance with the due legal process as exactly foreseen in the Constitution”.

She mentioned the 30 year-old celebration of the Constitution enactment and declared that the closeness of the Elections 2nd round is an important moment to celebrate it. She emphasized: “the Elections are the effective celebration of Brazilians at their democracy party and not the empty and procedural celebration”.

Reminding that the TSE is the Democracy Court, Rosa Weber pointed out that the political passion and discussions are exacerbated, and that the level of disagreement reached worrying extent. According to her, all this is inevitable and it’s part of the electoral dispute, “but the right is that the 1st round of the Elections was carried out in normal climate, the campaigns are being promoted, with each candidate proposals to be chosen freely and consciously by each voter.


Herculean Work

Rosa Weber underlined that securing the right functioning of the electoral process is a task for integrants of the Electoral Justice and auxiliaries of the Justice System. She registered the dedication of electoral judges throughout Brazil and paid compliments to the thousands of members from the Electoral Justice, “a work of excellence, with extreme competence and dedication to any proof in a herculean work during the election’s execution”. The president of TSE underlined as well the work of two million pool workers, between summoned and volunteers that participated in the elections.

At the end, the Justice reaffirmed that the electronic voting system is auditable and any attempt of fraud would necessarily leave evidence, allowing to investigate any responsibilities. “The Electoral Justice keeps a serene posture no matter how troubled the circumstances are, and is always open to constructive critics for perfecting the electoral system and correcting failures that may be identified”, concluded.

After answering questions from the journalists, Rosa Weber said that in her comprehension there were no fails committed by the Electoral Justice on fighting fake news. “We all know that misinformation is a worldwide phenomenon that is present in many different societies and has taken all of us to reflect upon the theme. We would like to have a prompt and effective solution, but, in truth, we do not have it”, said. According to the Justice, fake news isn’t an innovation. “What is new in this year’s election is the velocity for circulating and spreading fake news, that are, indeed, deleterious and really attempting against the credibility of our electoral system”.

Were part of the interview many authorities of the Judiciary and Executive powers, amongst them the Justice of TSE Tarcisio Vieira de Carvalho Neto, the Minister of Public Security, Raul Jungmann, and the Attorney General of the Union, Grace Mendonça.