4 days left for the General Elections of 2018: get to know the voting order on the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) for the 2018 Elections

urna eletrônica 2018

On 7th October 2018, voters will have to choose six candidates for 5 posts under dispute on the 2018 Elections according to the following order: Federal deputy, State or District deputy, two senators, Governor and President of the Republic.
In order not to forget the candidates numbers on the voting occasion, the Electoral Justice makes available the so called “cola eleitoral” (Electoral Reminder in English) which can be carried to the voting poll.
It is important to enter carefully each candidate number and to verify the picture of the chosen politician before entering the key “Confirma”. If any error occurs, the voter can key “Corrige” before concluding the process and enter the number once more.
To vote for Federal deputy, the voter has to enter 4 numbers on the EVM and, then, press the key “Confirma”. For the posts of State or District deputy, it will be necessary to enter 5 number and, once again, press the key “Confirma”.
The following choice will be for senators. As Senate will have 2/3 of its members renewed, this year voters should choose two candidates. In this case, it will be necessary to enter three numbers on the EVM and press the key “Confirma” to vote for the first seat. The same process should be repeated for choosing the second candidate. The voter should pay attention: if the same number is entered for both Senate seats, the second vote will be cancelled.
Close to the end, the elector shall register a vote for Governor and, at last, for President of the Republic, both by entering two numbers.
After concluding the voting step, the EVM will record and encrypt the vote and generate its digital signature. Once done it, the word “FIM” will be shown on the screen and the EVM will issue a sound signal. The voting will have been concluded successfully.

Click here to watch a video explaining step-by-step how to vote on the EVM on the Election day.

Vote for Political Party

The Vote for a Political Party, instead of a candidate, can be given to the party only in the proportional system, or in other word, for posts of Federal and State/District deputies. If the voter wishes to vote only for the party, without specifying which candidate of the party, entering the two numbers which identify the political body and pressing the key “Confirma” is enough. Therefore, the voter will help the party of his/her preference to obtain more seats in the Legislative power, without choosing a specific candidate to occupy it.