TSE and OAB will promote actions of electoral awareness

Ministro Fux com presidente da OAB

By means of an invitation made by the President of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Justice Luiz Fux, the president of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB), Claudio Lamachia, came to the Court to debate a partnership amongst both institutions in actions of citizenship at Brazilian schools. The idea is to promote the awareness of future electors about the importance of the vote. The meeting happened this Thrusday morning (8th), at Brasilia.

The partnership amongst the institutions is part of the work goals of Justice Luiz Fux’s administration, highlighted in his installation speech.

Through the project “Legal inclusion”, the TSE intends to take, to the schools, activities that search to contribute with the education of children and adolescents. For this purpose, actions of citizenship, democracy and fundamental rights awareness will be articulated. The activities will include lectures and debates.

Another initiative, in this sense, is the “Electoral caravan”, which traverses many municipalities of the country. As of the project “Electoral Justice on wheels”, specialized buses will take electoral facilities to the citizens, such as the biometric register and informative materials.

For President Luiz Fux, electoral awareness begins even before yong citizens aquire the right to choose their representatives. “Children and adolescents that grow with elementary notions of law and citizenship become Brazilians that are more aware with the value of their vote,” he stated after the meeting.

A cooperation agreement between the TSE and the OAB should be formalized so that these actions can already happen in this year’s general elections.