After mobilizing more than 2.5 thousand students, the project “Agents for the Democracy” begins a new phase

Agentes da democracia

Through the Electoral Judiciary School (EJE-TO), the Regional Electoral Court of Tocantins (TRE-TO) mobilized more than 2.5 thousand young people from the Bico do Papagaio region, in the northern tip of the state, who participated in the first phase of the project “Agents for the Democracy” - education of future voters and politicians, held in seven electoral zones from March 2 to 13. The new phase of the project begins on Thursday (22nd) and continues until May 8, traveling through 29 cities of Tocantins.

The project aims to awaken people to the importance of voting by preparing adolescents who will participate in the country's fundamental political decisions, as well as training citizens to be more aware of their role in building a more free and democratic society.

In addition to the lectures “The Importance of Young People's Participation in the Electoral Process” and “The Future Politician: with power comes great responsibilities,” students also participated in interactive activities such as board games, simulated elections in the electronic voting machines and the electoral registration.

The director of EJE-TO, Vice-president and Chair of Judicial Council of TRE-TO, Associate Justice Ângela Prudente, stressed that raising the interest and participation of young people in the political life of the country is one of the factors that contributes to the strengthening of the democracy. “The project ‘Agents for the Democracy’ was designed to raise awareness, train, mobilize, and socially and politically include students enrolled in high schools in our Tocantins. It is very gratifying to see the engagement of so many young people. Now, our biggest challenge, with the project, is to transform the youth's engagement into a permanent practice,” the Associate Justice said.

“As representatives of the Judiciary, we must have a dialogue with the students, who will participate in the electoral process for the first time, to explain the importance of conscious voting and how politics can directly affect their lives,” said the Electoral Judge Ricardo Gagliardi.

Some schools have a student council, which, according to the Regional Director of Education, Father Milton, encourages students to engage in citizenship actions, such as participating in decisions made within the school. “And this is the first contact of these young people with politics,” he said.

The student from Araguatins, Larissa Silva, 15 years old, said she is anxious to vote for the first time. “This event, here at the school, helped us to understand how the electoral process works and the importance of choosing our representatives very well,” she said.

“It is important that the Electoral Justice raises the young person's awareness of his role as a citizen voter. The future of the country is in our hands, and we need to have the interest to vote and make a difference” said the student of Augustinópolis, Wallas Freire, 17 years old.

For the coordinator of the project, Ana Carina Mendes Souto, the way in which ‘Agents for the Democracy’ is being received in schools is very gratifying. “Awakening the civic conscience of young people is the highest goal of our actions. It is encouraging to see the enthusiasm with which students receive us. The whole team feels even more engaged with the project,” he said.


The action counts with special attention for the young students, who will take the voter's card and vote for the first time, by means of a partnership with the electoral registry, which welcomes young people with great affection and offers the necessary logistics to carry out the electoral registration.


The activities were developed with the guidance of the pedagogue Elisandra Bega, which was transferred through a partnership with the Tocantis Education Secretariat. Elisandra explained that high school students need to be motivated in order to know how to exercise citizenship. “Thus, it is important that they take part in the talks about what is it like to be a political and ethical citizen,” he said.


The mobilization has reached the social networks. During the project’s journey, in the schools, the students also took photos and selfiss with the signs of the project “Agents for the Democracy”. The photos were posted on the Facebook page of TRE-TO and have already reached about five thousand people.


As of this Thursday (22nd), the action will be expanded, with the simultaneous performance of two EJE teams in the schools, according to the following schedule:

22 and 23/3 – Porto Nacional and Paraíso do Tocantins

26 and 27/3 – Miracema and Ponte Alta do Tocantins

2/4 – Aragominas and Taguatinga

3/4 - Arraias

4/4 – Paranã

3, 4 and 9/4 – Araguaína

10/4 – Filadélfia and Formoso do Araguaia

11/4 – Arapoema e Alvorada

12 and 13/4 – Colinas do Tocantins, Peixe and Gurupi

23/4 – Goiatins

24/4 – Itacajá e Dianópolis

25/4 - Pedro Afonso and Natividade

26 to 27/4 – Gurupi

26/4 – Guaraí

27/4 – Miranorte

30/4 – Cristalândia and Novo Acordo

2/5 – Porto Nacional – Luzimangues

2 to 8/5 – Palmas


Source: Social Communication Counsel of the TRE-TO