TSE participates in election observation mission in Guatemala

Visita eleitoral à Guatemala

Last Sunday (15th), the Chief-adviser of the International Affairs of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Ciro Leal, represented the court in an election observation mission in Guatemala, a country in Central America.

Ciro Leal accompanied the accomplishment of a popular consult on the possibility of submitting to the International Court of Justice, main judiciary organ of the United Nations (UN), in Haia, the existing territorial, insular a marine dispute that has happened between the countries for more than 150 years.

The popular consult, in Guatemala, was done in accordance with the deal settled with Belize, a neighbouring country.  According to the TSE adviser, the preliminary canvas informed that the “yes” has won the consult by a wide margin.  With that, it is up to Belize to accomplish a similar consult. “With the population’s authorization, the dispute can be sent to the Haia Court for a final decision,” he explains.

In Ciro Leal’s opinion, the participation in an election observation mission is an important way to cooperate with partner countries.  “It is an excise that aims to not only guarantee the good progress and transparency of the election disputes but also its constant improvement,” he evaluates.


Throughout the years, TSE has been invited to participate in an election observation mission in many countries, such as Angola, Germany, France, Argentina and the United States, amongst others.

In March of this year, for example, Justice Sérgio Banhos was part of an election observation mission organized by the Inter-American Union of Electoral Organizations (Uniore) to accompany the legislative elections of Colombia, on March 11.