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The bilingual version of the Institutional Catalogue of TSE is launched on Rio de Janeiro

The president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), justice Luiz Fux, launched, on Friday (8th), the updated version of the first bilingual (Brazilian Portuguese - English) edition of the catalogue Superior Electoral Court – The Court of the Democracy. The launch occurred in CCJE - Centro Cultural da Justiça Eleitoral (Cultural Center of the Electoral Justice), on Rio de Janeiro, during the ceremony in which the justice awarded the medal of Ordem de Mérito TSE Assis Brasil (TSE Order of Merit Assis Brasil). 

The work gathers information on the structure of the Court, such as the organization chart, with the presentation of the main attributions of the Court’s units (justices’ cabinets, Secretariats and Advisories) and organization of the trial sessions. The book also addresses the functions and competencies of TSE as a superior instance of the Electoral Justice that is responsible for the administration and performance of elections.  Everything so that the citizen can understand the functioning of the institution.

The publication brings, with a rich collection of pictures, the history and images of the six head-offices of TSE, including the third, the building which is located exactly on street Primeiro de Março, on Rio de Janeiro, which today houses the CCJE. The work still has a gallery of pictures with the presidents of the Court, since the creation of the Court, on 1932, until today.

The catalogue gives emphasis to the historical trials of the Court in its 86 years of history. Trials such as the reduction of the minimum age to vote, from 21 to 18 years of age (1993); elections of Getúlio Vargas (1951); Silvio Santos’ candidacy to the Presidency of the Republic (1989); amongst others.

It also highlights the forefront role that TSE had in the creation of the Cadastro Nacional de Eleitores (National Voters Registry), the gradual adoption of the electronic voting system beginning from 1996, of the biometric system, and the insertion of the Court in social media, the increase in the interexchange with the population, amongst other aspects.

The bilingual version of the catalogue was elaborated by the Secretariat of Information Administration (SGI). The translation was in charge of the Advisory of International Affairs (AIN).

The publication of the Superior Electoral Court - The Court of the Democracy is, from today, available for consult and download in the Catálogo de Publicações do TSE (TSE Publishing Catalogue) on the internet.

The first edition of the catalogue, only in Brazilian Portuguese, is from January of this year.