TSE’s advertising campaign encourages women, young and black people to have a greater participation in politics

Eleições 2018: campanha publicitária do TSE incentiva maior participação de mulheres, jovens e negros na política

The advertising campaign of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), which is destined to increase women, young and black people’s participation in politics, has started to be disclosed at social media and at radio and TV stations.

The initiative is envisaged in Art. 93-A of Law n.9,504/1997 (Elections Law), as amended by Art. 1 of Law n.13,488/2017 (Political reform). According to the norm, in electoral years, the TSE must promote up to five minutes per day, continuous or not, of institutional publicity in radio and television that is destined to encourage a greater representativity of this group of people in the Brazilian political life. The law also establishes the period from April 1st to July 30 for the broadcast of the campaign.

Regardless of the legislation, the TSE has already been stimulating the engagement by means of plays and actions that aim to encourage the citizen’s participation and clarify them about the rules and the functioning of the electoral process.  

The video, which went live last Sunday (April 1st), talks specifically about the representativeness issue and has the slogan “Nobody represents as well as you” as a motto. Its objective is to make the citizen reflect on the importance of political engagement, alluding to the benefits that the diversity and political renovation can bring to the country.

The video, that can be seen in TSE’s profiles on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter; has moreover a minute of length and states, in a reflexive, light and relaxed tone, that true democracy happens when all genres, races, and ages are represented in the country’s politics.

Click to watch TSE’s video for the campaign for representativeness.