TSE’s General Secretary participates in a panel, at Harvard, about the 2018 Elections

Frazão participa de evento em Harvard

Last week, the General Secretary of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Carlos Eduardo Frazão, was at Boston, United States, to participate in a panel at Harvard Law School obout the theme “The role of Brazil’s Superior Electoral Court in the 2018 Presidential Elections.” The lecture happened last Friday (2nd).

The previous day, Carlos Eduardo Frazão gathered with Brazil’s Council General in Boston and the embassador Glivânia Maria de Oliveira. The meeting also had the presence of Harvard scholars (Harvard Law School and Harvard Kennedy School of Government) and of a professor from Boston University’s Law course.

The trip of TSE’s General Secretary to the United States was authorized by the Supreme Federal Court.

Consulate in Boston

Brazil’s General Consulate in Boston had, at the end of 2017, around 30 thousand registered Brazilian voters. The estimate is that the number reaches 35 thousand for the 2018 Elections.

In recent years, there was a growth in the quantity of registration and electoral regularization services in that jurisdiction: the number leaped from 799 voter’s cards that were issued and regularized on the first semester of 2014 to 3,465 documents on the same period of 2017.