TSE will fight fake news with the press’ support

Fachada TSE

During a breakfast with journalists on this Thursday (8th), the President of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Justice Luiz Fux, stated that he will count with the support of trustworthy media outlets to work on the combat of fake news during the campaign of the 2018 Elections.  

“The Brazilian press will be our partner, our primary source in one of the greatest concerns that is the combat of fake news,” he said, when informing that the Department of Justice and the Federal Police will be a part of the Advisory Council, which was assembled by the TSE in order to study the solutions for the theme.

The Council will act inside the TSE with intelligence studies so as to anticipate the dissemination of improper content by means of robots, for example.  However, the President restated that the press will be the main ally in order to assess the veracity of what is being communicated.

The summon reiterates Justice Fux’s speech during his installation as President of the TSE, when he stated that the Electoral Justice does not intent to impede the freedom of speech and the legitimate information of the voter, once the “role of the TSE is, therefore, to neutralize this anti-equality and abusive behaviors.”

“Fake news disrupts the legitimate candidacies. A clean campaign is made with the diffusion of the virtues of a candidate over the other and not with the diffusion of negative personal attributes that irresponsibly strike a candidacy,” he said at the occasion when remembering the last elections in which candidates preferred to destroy the honor of others through fake news by means of social networks instead of revealing their own aptitudes and qualities.

The journalists’ invitation was an initiative made by Justice Fux in order to approximate the court with the people responsible for informing citizens in a responsible and trustful way. Therefore, the President opened the doors for a joint work for the next months that anteceded the election on October 7, which will define the new President of the Republic as well as the new Federal, State and District Deputies, beyond Senators and Governors throughout the country.


In the afternoon, the Justice received, in his cabinet, the president of the Federal Senate and Chamber of Deputies, Senator Eunício Oliveira (PMDB-CE) and Deputy Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ).  Check the photos os the meeting on Flickr do TSE.