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seminário reforma política

TSE Seminar to discuss political and electoral reform

The inscriptions for the Seminar on Political and Electoral Reform in Brazil, which will be held on March 23 and 24, at the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), are open until next 21st. The objective is to discuss topics that are part of the proposals in progress in the National Congress and will be promoted by the Electoral Judicial School of TSE (EJE / TSE) together with the Brazilian Academy of Electoral and Political Law (Abradep). Registrations can be made at the event's hotsite.

The seminar will address the following topics: Financing of Politics and Elections; Female Participation in Politics; Registration of Candidatures; Political and Electoral Propaganda; and Electoral Litigation.

Each thematic panel will be led by a rapporteur and will be attended by a Justice of TSE, a political scientist, a member of the Special Political Reform Commission of the Chamber of Deputies (Cepoliti), a member of the Public Prosecution Service and a journalist, among other specialists. The seminar will also be broadcast live on TSE's YouTube channel.

On the 23rd, the debate starts at 2:00 p.m., and will focus on Financing Politics and Elections. The rapporteur will be Ana Claudia Santana, of Abradep, with the participation of the Justice Luis Roberto Barroso, the Federal Supreme Court (STF), the Deputy Electoral Attorney General, Nicolao Dino, and the Professor of the Federal University of Minas Gerais Bruno Wanderlei Reis.

On the same day, the topic of Women's Participation in Politics will be discussed by the rapporteur, Polianna Pereira dos Santos, of Abradep, Justice Luciana Lóssio, of TSE, Congressman Lúcio Vieira Lima (BA) and Deputy Governor of Piauí, Margarete Colho.

On the 24th, the event begins at 9 am, with the theme Challenges and New Perspectives of Political and Electoral Reform, and the participation of the president of TSE, Justice Gilmar Mendes, the president of the Federal Senate, Senator Eunício de Oliveira, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Deputy Rodrigo Maia, and the Minister of Justice, Osmar Serraglio, as well as the general coordinator of Abradep, Rodolfo Pereira, and the director of EJE, Fábio Quintas.

Next, the participants will discuss the Registration of Candidatures, with the report of Marilda Silveira of Abradep, Justice Henrique Neves of TSE, Deputy Vicente da Silva (SP), and the State Prosecutor of Rio Grande do Sul Rodrigo López Zilio.

The discussion will be on Political and Electoral Propaganda, with Fernando Neisser of Abradep as rapporteur, and the participation of the Justice Tarcisio Vieira de Carvalho of TSE,  José Antônio Guimarães Lavareda Filho, PhD in Political Science at the University Institute of Research from Rio de Janeiro (IUPERJ) and Luciana Panke, Superintendent of Social Communication at the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR).

Finally, starting at 4:30 p.m., the debate will be on Electoral Litigation. The rapporteur will be Roberta Gresta of Abradep, with the participation of the Justice Herman Benjamin of TSE, Deputy Daniel Carvalho Vilela (GO), the Regional Attorney of the Republic José Jairo Gomes, and the professor of the Federal University of Paraná Eneida Desiree Salgado.