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TítuloNet can already be used by voters abroad

This Thursday morning (23), the President of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Justice Gilmar Mendes, and the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE), Ambassador Marcos Galvão, signed an agreement that allows the use of TítuloNet abroad. The measure simplifies the electoral enlistment of Brazilian citizens living in other countries. Also taking part in the signing of the agreement was the President of the Regional Electoral Court of the Federal District (TRE-DF), Mr. Romeu Gonzaga Neiva, responsible for the Electoral Zone that takes care of Brazilian voters abroad.


Currently, there are more than three million Brazilians living abroad, of which only 460,000 are registered to vote. According to Justice Gilmar Mendes, the adoption of the system, in addition to reducing the time for voters to obtain the document, will reduce costs for the Electoral Justice.


"Before, the Brazilian expatriate took about six months to issue his voter’s title, in a time-consuming and expensive procedure that required the voter to travel several times to the Consulate to register, deliver documents and receive the voter’s title," said the President of TSE, remembering that the use of technology enabling the form filling directly on the TSE Portal will reduce this journey.


He recalled that is necessary to guarantee the participation in the democratic process of the Brazilian communities scattered throughout countless locations around the world. “This is without a doubt a big challenge and requires our joint commitment in the search for computerization of procedures”, he said.


To the Ambassador Marcos Galvão, the expansion of TítuloNet “will help to maintain the ties of this enormous contingent of Brazilians expatriates, assuring them the full exercise of their citizenship and giving them a voice in the definition of the country’s political destiny”.


The President of the TRE-DF, Mr. Gonzaga Neiva, said that the TítuloNet will avoid the rework of the public agents involved in this process of issuing the document and for this reason represents “significant progress”.