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Justice Gilmar Mendes attends meeting on political reform at Planalto

The president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Justice Gilmar Mendes, had a meeting at the Planalto Palace (presidential office) on Wednesday (15) morning to discuss the theme of political reform with the heads of the Executive and Legislative Branches.

According to Justice Mendes, the matter is a concern of the TSE Consultative Council, composed of experts from various areas, who asked him to convey such concern to the President of the Republic, Michel Temer, as well as to the presidents of the Chamber of Deputies and Federal Senate, Eunício Oliveira and Rodrigo Maia, respectively.

"We put the need to make an effort for a reform of the electoral system that necessarily involved campaign funding," the Justice told reporters after the meeting.

"The Electoral Justice has been extremely concerned for some time with this poor development of the electoral political system. We have discussed the need for reforms. I have been, perhaps, one of the few voices that has frequently insisted on the need for serious political reform" he emphasized.

Justice Gilmar Mendes explained that there are many proposals to change the system, with debates on campaign funding; however, that debate cannot had separately from from the political-electoral reform, especially the electoral system.

"For example, it makes no sense to talk about creating a public system of financing with the open list system that we have today," he said.

According to Justice Mendes, this is one of the most serious issues in the current scenario, since it has allowed enormous proliferation of parties and financing difficulties, among other distortions.

Finally, the president of the TSE said that during the meeting, there was common ground on the need for political reform. He added that the meetings will continue to deepen the discussion and take more concrete steps. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, March 22, with the same members.