FBI exposes its experience on the combat of fake news to the TSE

Ministro fux com representante do FBI

This Monday (5th), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) presented its experience on the combat of fake news, in the American electoral process, to the Advisory Council on Internet and the Elections of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE).  The North-American delegation was led by FBI’s Cyber Division director, Howard Marshall.

During the meeting, representatives of the the Department of Justice of the United States of America (USA) talked about the legal basis used to mitigate the occurence of cybernetic crimes, specialy the large scale distribuition of malicious content, like fake news.

At the opportunity, they emphasized the challenge to treat the issue in the light of the rulling legislation. According to the exhibitors, many of the problems verified today benefit from law’s loopholes.  “Our legislation is not perfect but we have searched to do the best that we can with the tools that we have at our disposal,” they said.

The shared knowledge will assist on the work of the inteligency and action task force, announced by the president of the Court, Justice Luiz Fux, in order to take care of the issue by respecting the voters’ liberty of speech and information.    

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