Check TSE’s campaign about the application e-Título


The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) has launched, on Thursday (15th), a campaign that explains how the application works. The 1 minute video will be broadcasted in the main TV and radio stations of the country and also at TSE’s social networks - Facebook, Twitter and YouTube -, until the previous day of the General Elections of 2018.

Beyond the information that is already available in the traditional voter's card, the app for smartphones and tablets will also inform the adress and geo-referenced place of vote and also informations about the situation of the voter.  However, the principal novelty is that, for those who have a picture registered at the Electoral Justice, the virtual document may be used for voting.

Thus, the citizen will have his electoral data always safe and available, diminushing the risks of loss and damage to the voter's card .  The time of custumer care in the Electoral Registrys for services of impression, signature and delivery of the card will also be diminushed.

Check the video for TSE’s campaign.