At the Plenary, TSE’s President exalts the International Women’s Day

Ministro Fux exalta o dia internacional da mulher

At the end of this Thrusday’s (8th) trial, the president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Justice Luiz Fux, made sure to remember the International Women’s Day, which is celebrated on this date today.

He saluted the many lawyers and civil servers that participate in the daily life of the Court and the Law students that were at the Plenary, congratulating them for the emancipation that they have achieved, not only in the personal scope but especially in the professional scope.

“Whoever remembers the introductory act for the Brazilian Civil Code (Decree Law n. 4657/1942) will verify that women have actually achieved quite an expressive plateau,” he said.

Fux quoted, next, a Brazilian author that wrties about the female world.

“I would like to salute women with this passsage from Martha Medeiros: ‘When I reach 30/ I will be a real woman/ nor Amelia nor anybody/ a beautiful future ahead/ and little bit calmer maybe./ And when I reach 50 I/ will be free, beautiful and strong/ I will have good people beside me/ I will know a little more about love/ and possibly about life./ And when I reach 90, already with no strengh, no future, no age/ I will trow a party of pleasure/ invite all those I have loved/ register everything I know/ and die with nostalgia’.”

“This tribute, from the TSE to all women, is inspired by our estimated Justice Rosa Weber, which is an example of the acting woman that hsd supassed many obstables and exercises today a singular role in the TSE as its Vice-President and has yet to show the world many of her virtues that only her closest friends know of,” he praised.

Representatives from the Department of Justice

The representative from the Electoral Department of Justice (MPE), Luciano Mariz Maia, highligheted that the Brazilian Judical Power lives a rare moment by being conducted by women such as Justice Cármen Lúcia Antunes Rocha, President of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), alongside Justice Rosa Weber that is also a member of the Court. He also quoted Justice Laurita Vaz, President of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), the Attorney-General of the Republic, Raquel Dodge, and Justice Grace Mendonça, chief of the Federal Counsel-General Office (AGU).

“They are four women. Which have in common their firm character in the justice’s defense and the sensibility to have a compassionate look for those that suffer injustices,” he said.


Lawyer Gustavo Severo also manifested himself in the name of all the lawyers that act in the Court. “We would also like to leave a register in the name of all the civil servers that make this Court function so well, and we could not forget to praise the figure of our laywer coleagues. The Electoral Justice is prosper and has a female advocacy that makes us all proud. Thus, in fact, the Electoral Justice is a good example of how women are prosper in the public life, in advocacy in general, and this only shows how this day should be celebrated every day,” he concluded.