TSE participates in international meeting on effective electoral management

Fachada TSE

The Secretary of Information Technology (STI) of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Giuseppe Janino, and the Judge and Assistant  to the President , Ana Aguiar, represented the TSE at the 14th International Electoral Affairs Symposium on May 25th and 26th in Negombo, Sri Lanka.

On that occasion, TSE representatives gave a presentation  during the panel "Current and Future Electoral Technologies", and took part in the workshops and discussions of other panels of the event. Public authorities from several countries and international experts on the electoral field were present at the symposium. Organized by the International  Centre for Parliamentary Studies (ICPS), located in the United Kingdom, in partnership with the National Electoral Commission of Sri Lanka, the 14th Symposium brought together international electoral management bodies, NGOs and other  stakeholders  related to the theme to share their experiences, discuss the current challenges in electoral management and strengthen international relations.

Among other issues, they discussed about the improving accessibility for voters, the advances in electronic voting technologies and the modernization of electoral processes with  minimal disruption. The participants of the event also addressed the  building of transparency and accountability in elections, the biometrics, the value of the vote and security seals, labels, indelible ink, and ballot papers for elections.