President of TSE requests UNASUR to consider the democratic and electoral situation in Venezuela


The president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Justice Gilmar Mendes, sent the Pro Tempore Presidency  of the Electoral Council of the Union of South-American Nations (UNASUR) a letter requesting the inclusion of the democratic and electoral situation in Venezuela, particularly with regard to the postponed elections, in the agenda of the Council.

The Pro Tempore Presidency of the Electoral Council of UNASUR is exercised by Argentina, through its National Electoral Chamber and the National Electoral Directorship.

In recalling recent statements by the Brazilian government on Venezuela, the president of the TSE emphasized that the situation in the country poses important challenges to democracy, the division of powers, the rule of law and human rights.

"We understand that the matter should be treated in the friendly and constructive manner that characterizes the South-American dialogue," said the Justice. At the same time, Gilmar Mendes evaluated that it is necessary to unequivocally express the importance of the swift establishment of an electoral calendar in Venezuela, according to the legal and constitutional guidelines of that country.

The president of the TSE further argued that the full enjoyment of human rights and fundamental guarantees, specially the freedoms of speech, opinion and peaceful demonstration, as well as the granting of freedom to political prisoners and the full independence of powers, are equally important  to the legitimacy and truthfulness of the electoral process.