Electronic voting was the subject of a meeting between the TSE President and the Russians

reunião presidente tse rússia

Justice Gilmar Mendes, president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), attended a meeting with Viktor Pankevich, President of the  St. Petersburg Electoral Commission, on Wednesday morning (17th), in Russia.  The subject of the meeting was the use of technologies such as the electronic ballot boxes in elections, as well as the institutional and operational aspects of an election. Another highlight of the  meeting was the importance of the media to the public’s engagement with the electoral process.

 This meeting was part of the official agenda of Justice Gilmar Mendes in Russia, where he  attended the 14th European Conference of Electoral Management Bodies, which promoted debate on elections between more than 130 participants from 28 countries and 10 electoral bodies, as well as independent and academic experts.

On Monday (15th), Justice Gilmar Mendes  gave a speech on the organization of the elections in Brazil and  he highlighted the autonomy, independence and stability  with which the Brazilian Electoral Court performs its primary functions: to organize elections, to regulate the electoral activity and  to decide on judicial proceedings. The TSE president  performed his presentation at the Duma Hall, located inside the Tauride Palace (Tavricheskiy), one of the most important in  this Russian city.

Additionally, on Tuesday (16th), Justice Gilmar Mendes  attended a meeting with Vasily Likhachev, a member of the Central Electoral Commission of the Russian Federation. They discussed the  further development of the electoral cooperation between the TSE and the Russian Commission, and agreed that both parties will participate, as visitors, in the forthcoming elections in each of their countries.