UK lawyers visit the TSE to learn about the Brazilian electoral system

advogados britanicos

Justice Admar Gonzaga, of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), met, on June 26th, with lawyers from the United Kingdom who are in Brazil participating in an exchange program of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB). On that occasion, the Justice talked about the Brazilian electronic voting system. TSE's Electoral Technology coordinator, Rafael Azevedo, presented the history of the electronic ballot box and its operation.

"I think that this exchange is of utmost importance for the Electoral Justice, because democracy in Brazil has its problems, every country in the world has their problems, and the curious thing is that when we talk about this issue, we are informed that problems from other countries are very similar to ours", said Justice Admar Gonzaga.

According to the Justice, the British lawyers were very impressed with the Brazilian electronic voting system. For him, "the system brings serenity and confidence to the population, because it is very rigid in preventing the conscience of the voter be threatened in any way, and also allows candidates have equal opportunity."

The British lawyers have been in the country since last week. The exchange began in São Paulo, where they visited the headquarters of the São Paulo OAB and had meetings at law firms in the city. This week, they came to Brasilia to meet the Federal Council of the OAB and the higher courts.

The advisor of the International Affairs Office of the Federal Council of OAB, Maria Sthefania Marques, said that the lawyers came to Brazil to learn more about the Brazilian legal system. "This is important for exchanging experience, the network they build meeting lawyers here who work in the same areas as they do. So I believe that the most important part is the deepening of knowledge about the legal systems and this partnership among lawyers in both countries", said the OAB adviser.