Superior Courts plant trees to improve environmental and living quality

plantio de árvores

To improve the quality of life of workers, colaborators and residents of Brasília, to maintain and prioritize forest restoration, biodiversity conservation and the sustainable development of “Parque Bosque dos Tribunais”; with these goals, the presidents of the Superior Courts located in this region of the Federal Capital participated, this Wednesday (8) morning, in the planting of native trees from the Cerrado biome.

For the President of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Justice Gilmar Mendes, it is important to encourage the culture of conservation and sustainable practices, in order to avoid shortage of water and other resources that are essential to life.
According to the President of the TSE, it is fundamental to be aware of the need to preserve the environment and, especially, that such responsibility belongs to all. “Small changes of attitude can help to avoiding great waste and minimizing the destructive impact on the environment, contributing to consolidate the process of sustainable development”, said Justice Gilmar Mendes.

The President of Superior Court of Justice (STJ), Justice Laurita Vaz, remembered that the initiative was created in 2008, with the project “Abrace um parque” (“Embrace a Park”). Since then, STJ is making efforts to restore degraded areas, for they bring countless benefits to those working in the proximities and to the population in general of the Federal District.

The President of the Superior Labor Court (TST), Justice Ives Gandra da Silva Martins Filho, also highlighted the importance of reforestation and awarded the other Presidents with a medal and a commemorative book celebrating the 70 years of the TST.
The Federal District Governor, Rodrigo Rollemberg, emphasized that the reforestation will improve quality of life and offer people who live in Brasilia the right to a more pleasant, comfortable environment that can be utilized for entertainment and other purposes.

Besides the Federal District Government, the reforestation is a product of a partnership with the Brazilian Bar Association – Federal District section (OAB-DF). Daniela Teixeira, Vice-President of the Institution, stressed that OAB is committed to planting two trees for each event that the institution holds, which accounts for an average of 80 trees per month.

More improvements

All Presidents thanked the Federal District Governor, Rodrigo Rollemberg, the Novacap and the OAB/DF for the partnership in the reforestation.

The President of STJ stressed, however, that the Courts’ common area needs improvements, such as the expansion of the bicycle paths. Justice Laurita Vaz emphasized that the Bosque dos Tribunais Park is located around the “Praça dos Três Poderes” and the bike path will contribute to a better quality of life for all Brasilia residents. With that in mind, the Presidents delivered an official letter to Governor Rodrigo Rollemberg.

Parque Bosque

The Bosque dos Tribunais Park has an area of 588,000 m2 divided into five areas both distinct and adjacent to the Courts located in the “Setor de Administração Federal Sul”. The park’s restoration encompasses the planting of native trees from the Cerrado biome, such as pequizeiros, angicos, chixás, landins, gonçalo alves and pombeiros.