President of TSE expresses concern with project to be voted in the House of Representatives

preocupação com projeto de lei

In a conversation with journalists this Wednesday morning, the President of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Justice Gilmar Mendes, expressed concern about the approval of the emergency regime of the Project No. 4.424, which aims to limit TSE actions regarding the approval of resolutions.


“I am very concerned at this initiative, which prevents the Court from regulating elections through resolutions. It repeals the provision which authorizes the Court to make the resolutions that have been contributing to regulate and hold elections. And it also turns useless the great effort we are making regarding accountability of parties, so far as it prevents us from applying sanctions”.


Justice Gilmar Mendes expressed concern at what he called “the eternal temporary directories”, which are planned to be contemplated in the same bill. “Today I have expressed this concern to the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia. Next Tuesday (02/14, at 6 p.m.), we will have a meeting with the presidents of the parties to discuss what is in the legislation and the resolution. There is a need for effective directories, not those parties that serve as a façade. The worst of this initiative is that it slows down the necessary party reform that needs to be done”, he emphasized.


For the President of TSE, the approval of the project’s emergency regime is an unfortunate initiative that translates “self-indulgence” and “corporatism”.  “Actually, we will be consecrating the impunity of those parties that misapply public resources, because there will not be any sanctions and we will be perpetuating these false associations with directories that are improvised”.