International Association for Court Administration promotes improvement on court’s administration

International Association for Court Administration promotes improvement on court’s administration

The International Association for Court Administration (IACA), was created in 2004 to promote studies for improvement of courts’ administration. Idealized by jurists, IACA has its headquarters in Arlington (EUA) and vice-presidencies in all continents, with representation in 24 countries, promoting congresses and publishing digital journals in those countries.

Since 2014, Vladimir Passos de Freitas is the president of the Association - the first Latin American in charge of the entity comprised of judges, lawyers, professors and other professionals involved with the legal world. Vladimir is a magistrate of the 4th Regional Federal Court and is also part of the Council of Research and Electoral Studies (CPEE) of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE).

IACA has seven study commissions. One of them is the Commission of Studies on Environmental Sustainability in Courts, in which the Advisory for Socio-environmental Management (AGS) of TSE is represented by Ganem Amiden Neto, at the invitation of Vladimir Passos de Freitas ( In October of 2016, the AGS submitted three articles to the International Journal for Court Administration ( about the sustainability of the Electoral Justice of Brazil.

Recently, the abovementioned commission received from IACA the suggestion to produce materials related to best practices in the electoral courts of the member countries. In this context, the AGS has been, since November of 2016, collecting information from the Regional Electoral Courts to foment the Social-environmental Journal of the Electoral Justice, with release date expected to March 2017.


The IACA promotes regular meetings and congresses, where judicial best practices implemented around the world are discussed. On a statement to the website of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Vladimir de Freitas said that the goal of IACA is to develop studies and to discuss practices to improve the judicial administration. “Further than its excellent congresses, IACA publishes a digital journal with excellent articles and will include in its newsletter best practices of judicial administration”, said the President of IACA.

Study groups are also involved in the enterprise, in order to discuss specific topics, like sustainability in courts and budget. “We, the board, are always unsatisfied. We want more, a lot more. That’s why we are studying the possibility of making digital books, videos related to similar topics to judicial administration and a lot of other efforts. Brazil has a constantly-growing participation and this is very important to our image as a country”, concluded Vladimir.

The president of IACA believes that his mission as head of the institution is “to improve the work of the Justice around the world, and, with this, to contribute to the expansion of democracy”. According to him, there is no democratic regime without a strong judiciary power. “In dictatorships, the Justice always shrinks. We have to be vigilant about that, and not only in Brazil”.