Aije 194358: new witnesses in the case against Dilma-Temer ticket

processo chapa dilma temer

Four more witnesses will be heard in the Judicial Electoral Investigation Proceedings (Aije) nº194358, that requests the cassation of the ticket of Dilma Rousseff and Michel Temer for alleged abuse of political and economic power in the Presidential Election of 2014. The order was signed on February 9 by the rapporteur of the case, Inspector General of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Justice Herman Benjamin.

This time brothers Rodrigo Zanardo and Rogério Zanardo (partner-owners of Rede Seg), Beckembauer Rivelino (partner-manager of VTPB) and Carlos Cortegoso (owner of the Group Focal) will be heard. The dates and places of the hearings have not yet been defined.

Also in the decision, the rapporteur, as requested by the defense of Dilma Rousseff, granted a 5-day deadline for the judicial specialists to comment on the allegations of both parties. "The parties are fully assured of the formulation of supplementary questions or additional clarifications to the experts, which is not at all confused with the performance of complementary legal inspection," he stressed.

Herman Benjamin clarified that “the current phase of the process has the strict objective of producing proof, according to the cause relating to occasional illicitness” allegedly practiced by the Dilma-Temer ticket during the electoral campaign of 2014.

In this case, he informed that “many evidentiary acts were undertaken to determine the realization of the inspection, the breach of bank and fiscal confidentiality and the sequence of hearing of 42 witnesses” observing the right of the defendants to fully defend themselves, without, however, “losing the subjective limits and the objectives established beforehand”.

According to the minister, any unlawful acts committed by third parties will be investigated in the appropriate civil and criminal sphere, so that the AIJE will not be relegated to "a situation of infinite progression, without concrete possibilities of completion."