TSE opens shared bike station in front of the building


This Thursday (10), the shared bike station “+ BIKE” was inaugurated in front of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) building. As informed by Antônio Carlos Suner Caddah, member of the Coordinating Body of General Services (Coseg), this was a joint action between the TSE, the Superior Court of Appeals (STJ) and the Superior Labor Court (TST) which signed a document requesting the Government of the Federal District (GDF) to install the station and also to enlarge  the bicycle path that goes from the Brasília Bus Station to the Courts Park. 

“These are new bicycles that are already available to be used”, said Caddah. This way, the staff of TSE, TST and STJ will be able to enjoy this benefit. This is an important sustainability action that holds many advantages: the bikes as a model of a public, healthy and non-polluting transport, the fight against sedentary life styles and the promotion of healthy habits, as well as the reduction of traffic and environmental pollution in the central areas of the city,  and the encouragement to the humanization of the urban environment and to the social responsibility of all”.


The +BIKE system is comprised of smart stations, distributed in different spots of the city. The users can remove the bike from the station through an app downloaded in their smart phones, returning it in any station after use. The system aims at offering the city of Brasilia an option of sustainable and non-polluting transport.

In order to use the system, is necessary to sign up online and pay an annual fee of R$ 10. The bike can be used at no charge for 60 consecutive minutes and as many times a day as the user would like. After the first hour, R$ 5 will be charged for every additional 60 minutes, but the cyclist has the option to return the bike before the end of the free period and wait 15 minutes before using it again free of charge.

To unlock the bike, the user can use the app or call the number (61)4003-9841. The stations work every day, from 6h to 23:59h, for removing the bikes, and 24 hours for returning it.

This is a project of the Government of the Federal District (GDF), operated by the company Serttel. The stations are powered by solar energy and connected to a central via wireless, what allows a real-time monitoring of the bikes and the stations. The status and the location of the stations and bikes and also the spots available can be tracked at the website and at the project’s app.

The bicycle path and the parking lot

The project of extension of the roads with the creation of a bicycle path, that goes from the Brasília Bus Station to the Courts Park, including an expansion of the public parking lots in the area, was already sent to the Office of Urban Mobility of the GDF, which is facilitating ways of implementing it. The park has an area of 588 thousand square meters divided in five different parts adjacent to the courts located in the South Federal Administration Sector (SAF Sul).

The changes were suggested to qualify and organize the use of the public spaces of the SAF Sul, through small adjusts in the roads, organization of the parking lots, whose demand additional parking spots was explicit by the different bodies of the federal administration, treatment of the sidewalks, and insertion of a bicycle path area, respecting the urban legislation and the preservation of the city.

Last February, the presidents of TSE, Gilmar Mendes, of TST, Ives Gandra Martins, and of STJ, Laurita Vaz, participated in the planting of Cerrado tree seedlings, marking the beginning of the revitalization of the Park. The action is also part of the terms of technical cooperation signed by the three courts in order to promote the exchange of experiences for the implementation of joint sustainable actions.