TSE receives general information on the situation of arrested Turkish judges

reunião turquia

The First Secretary Hulusi Uzunoglu, in the condition of Charge d'Affaires of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, visited on Friday (29th), the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) to update the representatives of the Court about the situation of the country after the attempted coup. He was received by the Secretary-General of the Presidency, Luciano Fuck, and by the Head of the International Affairs Advisory of the Court, Ambassador Cézar Amaral.

The representative of the Turkish Embassy presented a 6-page document with general information on the events of the beginning of the month in that country, and also with details of the investigations regarding the arrest of approximately 2,735 magistrates and prosecutors accused of having supported the attempted coup in Turkey. The document brings updates of the current scenario: 1352 judges and prosecutors remain currently detained, 312 already have been released under the condition of judicial control and 366 are currently under custody.

The information will be forwarded to the president of TSE, Justice Gilmar Mendes. After the arrest of the judges, Justice Gilmar Mendes repudiated the action and demonstrated the concern from the TSE about the delicate situation in Turkey.