TSE and the Turkey Embassy exchange information on arrests of judges

Fachada TSE

The Head of the International Affairs Advisory of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Ambassador Cézar Amaral, received last Wednesday (27th), in the condition of Charge d'Affaires from the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, the First Secretary Hulusi Uzunoglu. The Turkish representative provided some clarifications regarding the attempt of Coup d'État, occurred at the beginning of the month, and said he will investigate the reasons that led to the arresting of magistrates in that country.

According to the Ambassador, the First Secretary took the initiative of requesting a visit to give some clarifications regarding the arrest of magistrates, that had generated an official press release from Justice Gilmar Mendes, and promised that he will verify the reasons that had led the Turkish to adopt such severe measures regarding the judges. He also emphasized that the president of TSE demonstrated concern, and considered the case an attack to the judiciary system, and that explanations on this matter must be provided.

The representative from the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey also approached, during the meeting, the current political situation, after the coup attempt, and presented a document with the reasons that led the country to decree state of emergency. Among the arguments described in the document it is pointed out that “the state of emergency will not affect basic rights and the freedom of our citizens. Otherwise, the nation will take ample measures towards the efficient protection of the constitutional order, as well as towards the basic rights and freedom”.



On July 18th, Justice Gilmar Mendes repudiated the arrest of approximately 2,750 magistrates and prosecutors accused of having supported the attempted coup in Turkey. On a press release, he stressed the need for the Brazilian government to state the concern with such unfolding and will request further actions by the Venice Commission and the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA).