Dias Toffoli is the rapporteur of commission created to reduce bureaucracy in Public Administration

Dias Toffoli is the rapporteur of commission created to reduce bureaucracy in Public Administration

Toffoli - Public Administration

A commission made up of legal experts in order to develop proposals aimed at reducing bureaucracy in public administration across the country has been officially opened in the Senate in the morning of Wednesday (September 2). The Chief Justice of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Dias Toffoli, is the rapporteur of the commission, and will be responsible for organizing the proposals for presentation.

In his speech during the opening ceremony of the commission, the Chairman of the Senate, Renan Calheiros, made a special reference to Chief Justice Dias Toffoli, highlighting his "extensive experience, which qualifies him to be the rapporteur of this challenging mission”. According to Calheiros, all commission members "present the skills, commitment and knowledge of Brazilian reality to seek the best solutions for the country”.

He added that "Congress has the honor to count on the contribution of renowned scholars for the drafting of new laws", and noted that partnerships between Congress and civil society have produced many positive results, citing for instance the creation of laws that resulted in the Consumer Code, the Criminal Code, and the Mediation Law.

He also pointed out that the committee may contribute to the National Civil Registry (RCN) and the revision of legislation on administrative and fiscal proceedings "in order to reduce their contentious nature and simplify the requirements of this immense notary office called Brazil, as well as to suggest other ideas that can serve to uncomplicate the country”.

“The nation expects the best from each one of us, and I am certain that all of us, together, working under the same effort and in the same direction, will overcome all challenges," said the Senator, thanking for the availability of the commission members, "who will sacrifice important hours of their public or private activities to cooperate so that together we can find a way out of this crisis”.


The chairman of commission is Justice Mauro Campbell Marques of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ). The commission will rely on subject matter experts João Geraldo Piquet Carneiro, Mauro Roberto Gomes de Mattos, Ives Gandra Martins, Otávio Luiz Rodrigues Junior, Aristóteles de Queiroz Camara, Mary Elbe Queiroz, Eumar Roberto Novacki, Paulo Rabello de Castro and Gabriel Rizza Ferraz, among others. The proposal to create the commission was drafted by Senator Blairo Maggi (PR-MT). The experts will have 180 days to submit proposals to improve the relationships between government and citizens.