President of the TSE monitors the organization of Canada´s 42nd general election

President of the TSE monitors the organization of Canada´s 42nd general election

President Toffoli at the Canadian general elections

Justice Dias Toffoli, president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), is presently in Canada, monitoring the organization of the country´s 42nd general election, which is scheduled to be held on Monday (19). Invited by Marc Maynard, Canada´s Chief Electoral Officer, Justice Dias Toffoli joins the Interjurisdictional Monitoring Program, which includes events and activities in the city of Ottawa-Gatineau from October 17 – 20.

The aforementioned Program is aimed at encouraging the sharing of information on the organization of federal elections and related experiences in addition to introducing selected actions that have been developed by Canada in the organization of its elections. The event will also promote the exchange of ideas among election-management agencies and will receive feedback from third parties on the organization of Election Day.

Justice Dias Toffoli´s trip to Canada is done at no cost to the TSE.

International Cooperation

Elections Canada, the agency responsible for organizing elections in that country, has been continuously contributing to bilateral and multilateral election forums since 1980. It is actively committed with many different international entities, election-management partner agencies and expert forums with the aim of identifying, sharing, and contributing with best practices in election management.

During past general elections, Elections Canada was visited by numerous election-management program members, which included international electoral organizations, international election-management agencies and representative members from Canadian provinces and territories. These guests were offered the opportunity to monitor Canadian elections from a close distance.