TSE Chief Justice observes elections in Mexico and participates in Information Exchange Forum

TSE Chief Justice observes elections in Mexico and participates in Information Exchange Forum

Toffoli in Mexico

The Chief Justice of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Justice Dias Toffoli, visited Mexico City as an international observer to the elections of June 7th. He will also take the opportunity to join the Information Exchange Forum for Foreign Visitors, event organized by the entities responsible for the Mexican electoral process. The Mexican population will vote to elect representatives, mayors and governors of some states.

Earlier on Friday (5 June), the Justice gave a lecture on the "Financing of Electoral Politics in Brazil”. Toffoli made a thorough overview of the organization and operation of the Brazilian Electoral Justice System and the forms of campaign financing, with details of current legislation on the matter. The Chief Justice of the TSE stated his position for the end of campaign financing by private companies, offering as his main reason for such position the fact that democracy cannot be financed by actors who are not entitled to vote. However, he mentioned that it suggested that Congress create criteria, limits and a maximum value for donations by companies. “I believe this is a very sensitive topic for the strengthening of democracies in Latin America," he said.

Control of party and electoral accounting was also addressed in detail by the Justice. He explained the electoral law applicable to the matter and spoke about the role of The Electoral Justice System in overseeing these accounting records as a means of curbing the abuse of political and economic power, corruption and other deviations in politics. The Chief Justice mentioned TSE precedent to exemplify the enforcement and scope of the legislation, and highlighted the creation of the 'Clean Record Law' in 2010, "driven by popular initiative of strong moralizing character”.

The Information Exchange Forum for Foreign Visitors continues until June 6 and aims to allow participants to get to know the particularities of the electoral process in Mexico and other countries. The event is held by Mexico’s National Electoral Institute (INE), Electoral Court of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF) and Specialized Electoral Crime Prosecutor's Office (in Spanish the Fiscalía Especializada para la Atención de Delitos Electorales).