CSIS delegation visits the TSE

TSE New Building

A delegation from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a world-renowned organization based in the U.S. that is focused on providing strategic insights on international relations, visited the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) on September 2. Escorted by Ana Paula Repezza and Ana Helena de Almeida, officials from the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex), the CSIS delegation was received by Carlos Adamek, secretary general of the Office of the President of the TSE; Márcio Boscaro, auxiliary judge of the President´s Office; Tarcísio Costa, head of TSE´s Unit of International Affairs; and Giuseppe Janino, secretary of Information Technology.

A presentation on the Brazilian Electoral Court System and this year´s general elections, to be held on October 5, was delivered during the visit. Later, US visitors were invited to test electronic voting machines and engage in an e-voting simulation, which included the printing of a zerésima (a report generated when an electronic voting machine is turned on, containing its identification and proving that all candidates are registered in the system and no vote has been counted yet) and a voting machine report. Carl Eduardo Meacham, Director of the CSIS Americas Program and head of the CSIS delegation, was impressed with the significance of all that he saw. “We came here in an attempt to learn more about elections in Brazil. What we saw is utterly positive, and we found it extremely helpful that we were given the chance to discuss about it. As I see it, this is a system that encompasses numerous layers of control, earning the trust of Brazilian citizens as it secures the inviolability and secrecy of vote”, noted the American director.

The CSIS delegation visit to the TSE was part of a bigger program that included activities in Brasília and São Paulo, and was developed with the purpose of promoting increased knowledge about Brazilian institutions. “The testimonials [about Brazil´s electronic voting machines] revealed both acknowledgement and a small degree of surprise with the technology that we have in place. The technological solutions required for the development of these devices as well as the trust that people put upon them have obviously contributed to visitors leaving with such a strong, positive impression”, noted Tarcísio Costa.
When he left, Carl Meacham invited everyone to visit the CSIS headquarters in Washington (DC) to deliver a similar presentation. “It will be a fantastic means to disseminate the excellence of Brazil´s electoral system to a selected audience in the United States”, said Tarcísio Costa.