Voters who failed to vote or to justify their absence must appear before electoral registers

Electoral ID and Electronic Ballot Box

Voters who failed to vote or to justify their absence in case they were outside of their voting district may file a justification until December 4 before competent judges of any electoral register.


Voters who were outside their voting district may justify their absence by appearing before any electoral register and filing a justification form accompanied by documents that prove their impossibility of attending elections, which are to be reviewed by an electoral judge.

Check the address of electoral registers in Brazil.


Voters need either the voting receipt or the voting release certificate to exercise some rights, including the following: to register for civil service entrance examinations; to request the issuance of passport or ID Card; to renew student registration at educational establishments; to borrow from public banks; and to participate in public or administrative biddings.

Civil servants who fail to vote or to justify their absence will not receive their salary until their situation is rectified before the Electoral Court System.

Eligible citizens who failed to vote in three consecutive elections – noting that each election round is considered to be an election – and did not justify their absence will have their electoral registration cancelled.

The above provision is not applicable to individuals eligible to voluntary voting, that is, the illiterate; teenagers aged 16-17; citizens aged 70 or more; and persons with physical or mental disabilities that, because of such limitations, find it impossible or extremely burdensome to comply with electoral duties.

Voters Abroad

Brazilians who were abroad on Election Days, and who have failed to register to vote in other countries must appear at any electoral register within 30 days after their return to Brazil to justify their absence.