Signature of memorandum of understanding between TSE and Indonesian Institute for Peace and Democracy

min. toffoli and dr. i ketut erawan

The President of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Minister Dias Toffoli, received on the night of November 6 (Thursday) the visit of the Executive Director of the Indonesian Institute for Peace and Democracy (IPD), Mr. I Ketut Putra Erawan, followed by diplomats of such country in Brazil. During the hearing, a memorandum of understanding was signed between TSE and IPD, with the purpose of strengthening the relationship between the two institutions in order to further the conduction of studies and exchange of experiences for promoting democracy in the two countries.
Minister Dias Toffoli made the invitation for the visit when he was in Indonesia, last October, to participate in the 7th Bali Democracy Forum. At that time, the President of TSE presented the electoral system adopted in Brazil, particularly the electronic vote and biometric identification of the voter. Due to the interest shown by IPD in becoming better acquainted with the Brazilian Electoral Court System, Minister Dias Toffoli invited the representative of the Institute to visit the Court, in Brasília-DF.
IPD is an Indonesian center of studies on peace and democracy. Among its goals, there are promotion and sharing of experiences and knowledge in the development and consolidation of democratic institutions in countries of Southeast Asia. Mr. I Ketut, affirmed, when praising the signature of the memorandum of understanding with TSE: “It is a great pleasure to come to this great and important country of the world”. He concluded: “I hope to return very soon so that we can continue our works together”.
In his speech, Minister Dias Toffoli pointed out the similarities between Indonesia and Brazil, despite the geographical distance separating the two countries. As Brazil, Indonesia also underwent a period of military governments, with a very recent redemocratization process, having held its first elections in 1999. Nowadays, it is deemed the world’s third largest democracy, surpassed by India and United States – with Brazil holding the 4th place.
He declared: “For us, who are committed to defending the democratic state under the rule of law and democracy, and obviously having peace as premise of democracy, it is an honor to be able to receive such important institution and the Indonesian diplomatic corps, to know more about our electoral system and verify here how we act”. The President of TSE expects that, with the signature of the memorandum of understanding, there will be strengthened exchange of experiences with IPD and with the government of Indonesia.