In an assessment of the 2014 Elections, the president of the TSE points to the Court´s appraisal of 97% of candidacy registration requests

Press conference table - second round 2014

     Justice Dias Toffoli, president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), announced during a press conference held after the disclosure of Brazil´s presidential election results, that 97% of all candidacy registration requests that had been filed before that Court had already been examined and adjudged. “There are only 3% left. We will certainly be able to cover this rather small amount of pending requests before the certification of elected candidates”, he added.
Before addressing the questions formulated by journalists that had attended the event, Ricardo Lewandowski, Chief Justice of Brazil´s Federal Supreme Court (STF), pointed that “Brazilians went orderly and peacefully to the polls, freely choosing their leaders for the next four years. We witnessed a tight presidential run-off, one in which Brazilian citizens have handled the discussions in a very civilized manner”.
The president of the STF noted that the Electoral Court System “has ensured the security of elections and the certification of all elected candidates. Now it is up to the Judicial Branch to secure the democratic governance of the country”.
Eugênio Aragão, the Deputy Prosecutor General before the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), said that the performance of Justice Dias Toffoli during the entire electoral process “was of paramount importance for us to have peaceful voting, which culminated in the smooth disclosure of election results. Brazilians showed discipline and good manners during the elections, and we are now committed to address all pending proceedings”.
Marcus Vinícius Furtado Coêlho, president of Brazil´s Bar Association (OAB), said that “Brazilian lawyers have unarguably contributed to nationwide consolidation of democratic principles” during the elections. “It is basically a victory for Brazil´s democracy. Brazil as a democratic state ruled by law could witness the effective enforcement of its constitutional provisions during the country´s 7th presidential election. We have candidates that were constitutionally chosen to fill elective offices”, he added.

Eduardo Campos

     At the press conference, Justice Dias Toffoli reminded the audience of the tragic death of Eduardo Campos, presidential candidate for the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB), in the course of this year´s elections. Eduardo Campos was killed in a plane crash in Santos (SP) on August 13. “We take this opportunity to stress our condolences and regret the loss of a running candidate that was tragically killed in a plane crash”, he said.

Vote of thanks

     At the end of the press conference, the president of the TSE thanked the work performed by Brazilian press and other communication medium, which “helped Electoral Courts deliver effective guidance to voters”.
Justice Dias Toffoli also thanked all employees and supporters of Electoral Courts, poll workers, electoral judges, appellate judges of Regional Electoral Courts (TRE), Justices of the TSE, members of the Electoral Prosecution Office (MPE), lawyers and all those who had contributed to the success of the 2014 Elections.
He returned special thanks to Brazilian citizens as the great “protagonists” of the 2014 Elections, as they “went peacefully to the polls in order to determine the direction of our country for the next four years, adding to the strength and success of democracy in Brazil”.
“Finally, I hope that Dilma Rousseff and Michel Temer, the elected candidates, serve the country honoring the responsibility of ruling the nation and keeping it united”, the president of the TSE concluded.