Diplomats from 72 countries followed the second round of the 2014 Elections at the TSE

2014 Elections: check regulations that apply to free political advertising on radio and TV.

A total of 101 diplomats from 72 countries and the European Union visited the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) on October 26 to attend lectures on Brazilian elections and to follow the counting of votes cast to elect the country´s president. Justice Dias Toffoli, president of the TSE, received the diplomats at 4 p.m. Next, Giuseppe Dutra Janino, secretary of Information Technology, delivered a presentation on electronic voting machines and the biometric system.At 5 p.m., Justice Henrique Neves spoke about the Brazilian electoral system. The meeting with visiting diplomats was held at TSE´s Conference Room # 3.The diplomats also visited the National Voting Rights Museum, set up at TSE´s headquarters and, as of 7 p.m. onwards, monitored the counting of votes cast to elect the country´s president.

First round

Delegations from 21 countries and three international organisms had been invited to follow the first round of Brazilian elections. Guest authorities attended lectures delivered at the TSE and followed the vote in Brasilia,  São Paulo (SP) and Salvador (BA).