TSE´s web portal to disclose assorted information on elections

TSE New Building

Voters, journalists and people interested in different aspects of Brazil´s elections may check a wide and comprehensive range of information at the Web Portal of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), under the tab “Elections”, on the blue menu bar of portal´s home page. The “Elections” tab features 8 clickable hyperlinks: biometrics and electronic voting machines, electoral accounts, 2014 elections, previous elections, additional elections, statistics, small electoral reform, and plebiscites and referenda.
By clicking on the hyperlink “Biometrics and electronic voting machines”, citizens will be granted access to frequently asked questions on Brazil´s electronic voting system, learn more about electronic voting machines (including but not limited to issues like history of e-voting machines, printed vote, research on e-voting systems, and safety of e-voting machines) and biometrics (definition, safe identification ensured by biometric readers, resolutions on biometric identification of Brazilian voters and biometric systems used in the Electoral Court System).
The hyperlink “Electoral accounts” grants access to rules and regulations on the issue, including, inter alia, the Elections Act (Law N. 9,504/1997). The obligation for parties, electoral committees and candidates to render electoral accounts in both majority and proportional elections is provided for in the Elections Act and in TSE resolutions that address this matter.
The third hyperlink, “2014 Elections” features all available information on this year´s General Elections. Such information encompasses the following: public hearings that led to the formulation of the resolutions that apply to the 2014 elections, electoral calendar, rules and documentation (full text of the Electoral Code, Elections Act – Law N. 9,504/1997, Political Parties Act – Law N. 9,096/1995, Ineligibilities Act – Supplementary Law N. 64/1990, and the resolutions that apply to this year´s elections). And yet: election polls (registration and disclosure of public opinion polls on elections and potential candidacies), poll worker volunteering program and rendering of accounts. This page features a section in which web users get to access the media used in various TSE campaigns related to this year´s elections (Poll Workers Activities Support Campaign, Women in Politics Campaign, Accessibility in 2014 Elections Campaign, etc.).
By clicking on “Previous Elections”, citizens learn about candidates elected between 1945 and 2012. This hyperlink features specific data on each election held between 1994 and 2012, including the announcement of candidacies, statistics on elections and candidates´ performance, rules and documentation, rendering of accounts and results of elections. It also presents the chronology of elections in Brazil.
On the hyperlink “Additional elections”, web users access the 2014 Calendar, and may check the dates scheduled for additional mayor and vice-mayor elections. Such elections are convened by the Regional Electoral Courts (TREs), and are held at certain municipalities where mayors elected in 2012 had their registration request denied or have been impeached. This hyperlink also enables users to check additional elections for mayor and vice-mayor that took place between 2007 and 2013.
The hyperlink “Statistics” is divided into statistics on the results of elections, candidacies, voters, and electoral data repository. Web users may access this hyperlink to search data from the last five elections (2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012), three of which of municipal nature, and two of a general impact.
The section “Electoral data repository” features a collection of raw data on elections held as of 1994 onwards. It was designed for researchers, press officers and common citizens who wish to review information on voters, candidacies, results and accounts rendered in a specific election. The files in this repository are in “txt” format and may be imported to any statistical software, database or electronic spreadsheet. Researchers are responsible for carrying out their own search, filter or cross-checks of data. These files are constantly updated.
The seventh hyperlink, “Small electoral reform” provides users with access to the full text of Law N. 12,891/2013 (Small electoral reform) and to tables comparing the aforementioned statute with the legislation in place.
The last hyperlink under the tab “Elections”, “Plebiscites and referenda”, grants access to data on the referendum held on January 6, 1963 (parliamentary or presidential regime), on the plebiscite held on April 21, 1993 (Monarchy or Republic, and presidential or parliamentary regime), and on the referendum held on October 23, 2005 (passing or not the proposal to ban nationwide sale of firearms and ammunition). By clicking on this hyperlink, users will also be entitled to carry out a search on the Plebiscite of Pará, which was held in December 2011 and was to decide about the proposal to partition the State. Plebiscites and referenda are types of popular consultation provided for in Article 14 of the Federal Constitution.