15.3 million Brazilians affiliated to political parties

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The number of Brazilian citizens that are affiliated to political parties amounts to 15,329,230 people. The Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB) counts with the largest number of memberships, 2,356,091 (15.36% of the total number of memberships). Next comes the Workers´ Party (PT), with 1,590,304 (10.37%) registered members. Brazil´s political parties regularly submit their updated list of members to the Electoral Court System, which records them at the Filiaweb system, ensuring full disclosure of such information. There are 32 parties presently registered at the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). In order to run in the 2014 General Elections, candidates must prove that they are affiliated to one of these parties.
The parties with the smallest number of members are the Workers´ Cause Party (PCO), with 2,658 registered members (0.017%), and the National Ecological Party (PEN), with 10,994 affiliated members (0.071%).
The legislation in place establishes that the parties are required to annually forward their updated list of members to the Electoral Court System in April and October. In October 2013, the number of Brazilian voters affiliated to political parties amounted to 15,264,775 people.
The Political Parties Act (Law N. 9,096/1995) establishes that the lists of members to be forwarded by political parties must feature the names of all affiliated members, the date of affiliation, and the numbers of their voter´s cards and voting districts. The parties are to annually forward this information to the Electoral Court System through the Filiaweb system, a program which enables the parties to virtually interact with the Party Affiliation System.
On April 15 – 21, the TSE concentrated efforts to identify cases of duplicate registrations of party affiliation, that is, the court has checked on individuals whose records indicated that they were affiliated to more than one political party. After completing such inspection procedures, the Court has published on the internet the updated membership lists of all political parties. The Electoral Court System has already notified party members whose affiliation featured duplicate registration to regularize their status.
Brazil´s electoral legislation establishes that, in case a party fails to forward its members list within the timeframe stipulated by the Disciplinary Board of the Electoral Court System, the affiliation status of its members, as featured in the latest list submitted to the Electoral Court System, will remain unchanged (Paragraph 1 of Article 19 of the Political Parties Act).
In order to run for an elective office in the elections scheduled for October 5, candidates must have been affiliated to the political party that they plan on representing for at least one year before the elections are held.
The total number of party affiliates may be accessed at http://filiaweb.tse.jus.br/filiaweb, by clicking on the following menu tabs: Report > Affiliation > Request Affiliated Members Report.