Keynote Address of the 4th Brazilian Conference on Electoral Law was delivered by the President of the TSE

Justice Dias Toffoli

On May 30, Justice Dias Toffoli, the President of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), delivered the Keynote Address of the 4th Brazilian Conference on Electoral Law, an event organized by the Brazilian Institute of Electoral Law (Ibrade), and supported by the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) and the Regional Electoral Court of the State of Paraná. The Conference was held in Curitiba (PR) on May 29 – 31, and was attended by other Justices of the TSE.

The event is traditionally organized during election years, and is expected to be attended by judges, prosecutors, lawyers, Electoral Courts employees and scholars willing to discuss current and controversial issues related to Brazil´s Electoral Law. The topics addressed in this Conference included the enforcement of the Clean Record Act (“Lei da Ficha Limpa”) in the upcoming general elections, campaign publicity carried out in social networks, TSE resolutions to the elections of 2014 and the fight against abuse of power during the elections.

This year, Justice Dias Toffoli, president of the TSE, delivered the Keynote Address, speaking about the role and relevance of Electoral Courts in Brazil. The Keynote Address was attended by approximately 800 Conference participants, coming from all Brazilian states.

Henrique Neves, Luciana Lóssio, Admar Gonzaga and Tarcísio Vieira de Carvalho Neto, Justices of the TSE, along with Sepúlveda Pertence and Carlos Ayres Britto, former Justices of the TSE and the Federal Supreme Court (STF), were present at the event.
Michel Temer, Brazil´s Vice-President, attended the opening ceremony.