Political parties shared more than R$ 25 million in Party Fund monies

Political parties shared more than R$ 25 million in Party Fund monies.

In May, a total sum of R$ 25,668,968.02 in transfers from the Party Fund was shared among 32 political parties registered before the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). The highest share, which amounted to R$ 4,331,293.39, was transferred to the Workers´ Party (PT). The Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB) received the second highest share, a sum of R$ 3,093,785.40; followed by the Brazilian Social Democracy´s Party (PSDB), with R$ 2,926,897.27.

The Green Party (PV) and the Brazilian Communist Party (PCB) were not allowed to receive monies from the Party Fund because their party accounts were disapproved by the TSE, as established in the Court´s judgments #1,606 and #96,268, respectively.

PT received a share of R$ 907,375.20 out of the total amount collected through the payment of electoral fines, which reached R$ 5,570,493.00 in April. PMDB came next, with R$ 648,131.00, followed by PSDB, with R$ 613,169.78.

To check the monies transferred to the parties, go to May monthly monies and April fines.


Law N. 12,875/2013, which amended Law N. 9,096/1995 (Political Parties Act), establishes that party affiliation changes are to be disregarded, except in cases of merger or incorporation. The TSE, however, understood that the Social Democratic Party (PSD), the Free Homeland Party (PPL), the National Ecologic Party (PEN) and the Solidarity Party (SDD) remained eligible to the transfer of proportional shares.

Based on provisional remedy action n. 2,604, the Electoral Court System has frozen a sum of R$ 455,600.48 in monies from the Party Fund, to be transferred to the Republican Party of the Social Order (PROS), until a final judgment is issued for Motion n. 76,693.

Allocation of funds

According to the Political Parties Act, the proceeds from the Party Fund shall be spent on the maintenance of party offices and services, including the payment of staff, provided a maximum limit of 50% of the total received sum is observed. Additionally, the said proceeds shall be spent on doctrinal and political publicity; on recruitment and election campaigns; on the creation and maintenance of institutes or foundations for political research and indoctrination/education (using up to 20% of the total received sum), and on the creation and maintenance of programs designed to promote and disseminate female participation in politics, provided a limit of 5% of the total received sum is observed.

Rendering of accounts

When rendering accounts, the steering bodies of political parties must discriminate expenditures that involved monies from the Party Fund. Electoral Courts are entitled to investigate how political parties allocate the proceeds from the Party Fund at any time.

In the event a political party misuses such funds, the monthly monies it receives from the Party Fund may be suspended from one to 12 months, depending on the severity of the irregularities identified by Electoral Courts.

Party Fund

Article 5 of Political Parties Act (Law N. 9,096/1995) establishes that 5% of the total proceeds of the Party Fund shall be distributed, in equal shares, among all parties that registered their statutes before the TSE. The remaining 95% shall be proportionally distributed among the parties according to the votes cast for each party in the last general election for congressional representatives.

The Party Fund is constituted by government appropriations, financial resources permanently or temporarily transferred to it as established by law, and by donations made by individuals or legal entities, directly credited in the banking account of the Party Fund. It is also constituted by government appropriations which annual sum is never smaller than the number of voters registered by December 31 of the year before that of the budgetary proposal multiplied by R$ 0.35, based on averages for August 1995.