An increased number of Brazilian voters are eligible to vote abroad

2014 Elections

In this year´s elections, the number of voters that have regularly registered abroad and are eligible to vote has increased by 68.2% in comparison with the general elections of 2010. In the elections of 2014, 337,168 voters will be eligible to vote for president and vice-president whereas in 2010, the number of Brazilians residing abroad that actually voted amounted to 200,392.

This survey represents the partial assessment of data recorded until May 7 – the deadline for Brazilian citizens residing abroad to register at a competent Brazilian embassy or consulate to ensure their voting rights. The consolidated figures will be released by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) in the second half of July, after auditing and processing electoral register´s recorded data.

Concentration of voters

There are many Brazilian citizens residing overseas, scattered across all continents. However, the countries featuring the largest number of Brazilian voters are as follows: United States (108,624); Japan (30,671); Portugal (30,431); Italy (20,972); and Germany (17,555).

The foreign municipalities that feature the largest number of Brazilian citizens that have registered to vote in the elections of 2014 are: New York (20,994); Miami (20,336); Boston (18,200); Lisbon (17,159); and London (15,967).

In the general elections of 2010, the voting took place in 252 locations spread over 113 different countries, where 624 polling places were installed. Each polling place recorded an average attendance of 321 voters.

Voting procedures

The Regional Electoral Court of the Federal District (TRE-DF), supported by Brazilian consulates or diplomatic missions established in each country, is responsible for organizing elections abroad. It is mandatory to register before the registry of the Foreign Voting District (ZZ), with headquarters located in Brasília, which is divided into 171 municipalities and subdivided into 883 polling places, each recording a maximum of 400 voters.

Brazil´s Electoral Code (Law N. 4,737/1965) establishes a minimum of 30 voters to install a voting board abroad. Brazil´s diplomatic missions or consular offices are to inform registered Brazilian voters about voting place and time.

The polling places for the first and second rounds of voting will be installed at Brazilian embassies, consular offices or in locations where Brazilian government services are provided. Exceptionally, the Superior Electoral Court may authorize the installation of a polling place in a different location. Eligible voters must have their names recorded in the voting list of the competent polling place.

As established in Resolution N. 23,207, voters domiciled and residing abroad remain required to either vote or file a justification for having failed to vote in the elections for president and vice-president. Those who neither vote nor file a justification for having failed to appear to vote may be prohibited to request the issuance of any document before a competent diplomatic office until effectively filing a justification form, and may be subject to other sanctions applicable to Brazilian citizens who do not vote in Brazil´s territory.