Vice-president of the TSE observed the second round of elections in Chile

A picture of the minister.

The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) observed the second round of Chile's presidential elections on November 15th. The president of the TSE, Justice Marco Aurelio, assigned the Vice President of the Court, Justice Dias Toffoli, and Court's Advisor for International Affairs, Tarcísio Costa, to the mission.
The candidates running for office were the country's former president Michelle Bachelet and the contender from the ruling party Evelyn Matthei. The invitation came from the Tribunal Calificador de Elecciones, the body responsible for organizing the elections in Chile.
According to Justice Dias Toffoli, invitations and exchanges of experiences between Latin American electoral bodies are a common occurrence. For the Vice President, initiatives like the mission to Chile have intensified over the last 30 years due to the restoration of the democratic process. “The exchange between electoral bodies of various countries is extremely important for the consolidation of democracy in the Americas," he said.
This year, the Vice-President has already attended the presidential elections of Venezuela and Paraguay. “This is neither a matter of performance monitoring nor auditing. None of that. We are going as visitors, guests," Justice Toffoli said about the visits.
The Head of the Court's International Office, Tarcísio Costa, said that other countries will be invited to get to know our electoral system during the presidential elections in Brazil. “It will be an opportunity to promote the Brazilian electoral system, to show how we do it, the agility of our counting process and how fluid our electoral process is," said the diplomat.
During his mission to Chile, Justice Toffoli visited the Chilean Electoral Service and, on election day, various polling stations.