President Marco Aurélio is interviewed in the third episode of "Memories of Democracy"

A picture of the minister.

The third episode of the documentary series “A fresh look at the time – Memories of Democracy” features an interview with Justice Marco Aurélio, who has chaired the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) in three different occasions: between 1996 and 1997, between 2006 and 2008 and from November 2013 onwards (his current mandates expires in May this year).
Known for keeping a close-knit family and for enjoying nature, he considers law a means for justice. “I devote my soul to work, and I comply with the rules of science and my own conscience. Above all, I seek to implement justice, but I also take into account the distress of the parties involved in a case”, he admits. Moreover, he sees no problem in occasionally being the dissenting vote: “En-banc divergence can be a good thing. Sometimes you cannot avoid being the dissenting opinion. However, you may later on find out that the seeds you sowed have fruited and led to a change in court precedents”.
The second segment of the program features a conversation with Counsel Tarcisio Vieira de Carvalho in which Justice Marco Aurélio recalls events that took place during the time he chaired the Superior Electoral Court. One of such events was the commencement of works related to the construction of TSE’s new headquarters in 2006. Justice Marco Aurélio also underlines the relevance of voters’ awareness: “Society is not a victim. Instead, it is actually responsible for electing representatives who later prove to be unprepared for the job. It is crucial that voters realize that the right to vote has a significant weight”.
The documentary series called “A fresh look at the time – Memories of Democracy” is an historical review of Brazil’s Electoral Court system. Former presidents of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), who helped build and strengthen Brazilian democracy, get to comment on the recent history of the Electoral Court system, narrate events that affected the country and share stories from behind the scenes. Testimonies of those who experienced moments that have defined the country’s advances and were connected with the relevance of the right to vote, the freedom to choose one’s democratic representatives, and the organization of clean and transparent elections.
The programs are posted on the TSE’s official Youtube page ( after being broadcasted by the “TV Justiça” (Justice TV).: The “TV Justiça”, or “Justice TV” in English, is a public television channel owned by Brazil’s judicial branch and operated by the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF). Aimed at promoting greater transparency of the STF’s proceedings and decisions, the channel is mainly dedicated to the live broadcasting of the court’s judgments, but includes news, debates, documentaries and related programs in the schedule.]